African dream

We wake up. It must be 3 in the afternoon. We’re lying in a comfy bed under a blanket. The sound of roosters outside. Bodies full of bruises. Headache. A yellow fluff is scurrying through the room. Is it a dream? Or maybe Monster was a dream? Are we alive? If we’re alive, where are we?
We recover eventually. A Dutch hippie comes to our mind, the man who picked us up from the bus station and carried into a strange house.
Terje opens the door when waken up, but closes it again quickly. There are several men in the house, wearing suits and working on graphs and diagrams. We listen. Sounds like a presentation. Eventually we pull ourselves together and exit the room. We’re confronted not by serious businessmen, but by a lanky traveler smoking a joint.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

We’re sitting on a terrace on the rooftop of a house, alcohol in the system, eyes fixed to the sky. There it is. Just emerged from the clouds. In the reddish glow of sunset. Alone and overwhelming. We’re exactly as far from the Kilimanjaro’s top as we were last time when admiring its beauty from a plane. Six kilometers.

Niels tells us the story of his life. Fell in love, traveled, moved away. Took a bunch of computers with him that he’s distributing to the schools of Moshi now. Finally, a sensible charity! For some reason, he tells us how they’re used to sitting on a rooftop of a car in Tanzania.  When we finally experience it, we see why. A shared joint, starry sky and philosophy evolve into the best idea – a trip to Maji Moto the next day.


I, for one, cannot believe my eyes, when jumping out of the car I find myself in the middle of an oasis. I make a sound so inhuman that Terje gets concerned. Then she, too, pulls the palm leaves blocking the view away and shouts. Out of happiness, I hope.
We’re in a romantic adventure movie, that’s for sure. We’re standing in front of a volcanic spring so clear that I can tell the species of fish swimming there. The palm leaves fall into water, sun shining through them. When you look closely, you can see rivers descending from the delta. A colorful kingfisher floats across the spring, slides down a bit and catches a yellow fry. We’re surrounded by perfect silence and nature sounds. 

Niels finds a local man fishing in the bushes. He gives him some money and asks him to safeguard us in return. Against thieves, crocodiles and other savages. We strip down light-heartedly and dive into the water. Hot! And so beautiful!
We enjoy our lunch on the waterside today. With exciting alcohol and a smoke. But I don’t think we could be more excited than we already are. Time stops. There are only Terje, Berit and the endless idyll.

When the sun sets, we return to Moshi. The snowy top of Kilimanjaro gleaming between the clouds and Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode playing itself straight to our hearts, we’re devoured by unbearable feeling of contentment.

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