At the border with voodoo medicine

Booming Nigeria has completely different touch than Benin. In Lagos airport every other security guy is begging for bribe. If he doesn’t suceed, then he goes soon on to flirting. And in the end it’s him who after all buys us a coca -cola when later sitting in the cafeteria.***

“And what’s that strange drink you’ve got here?”  the security demands to see everything from my bag with his own eyes.
“Eee… It’s voodoo medicine!” My heart was beating harder than my djembe could ever.
Security guy is giving me a suspicious look, shaking again the bottle, putting the green pieces flying just like Christmas snow.
“And what is this medicine doing?”
“Eee… Cleansing! It’s cleaning soul, mind and body,” i keep on trying to find my way.
A chick with hip hair style next to him is nodding.
“Yes, I have also heard than in Benin they have voodoo and there they sometimes use all kind of strange medicine.”
Security guard is putting the bottle back to my bag and asks for the last time some tip for the coming up weekend.
Then he wishes a good flight with a wide smile.


And we are flying. For the next two days all through Africa, Arabs, Britain, Scandinavia and we are not getting home, no way. Because meanwhile the temperature has dropped some 60 degrees Celcius and the snow is Helsinki is huge and djembe, paintings and our last coconuts don’t let us get away. So we miss our boat to Tallinn and have to spend a night in harbour in Helsinki. .
In secrecy.
With a help of voodoo medicine and reggae music swinging in my head.