A bottle of booze, three chicks in red and you as a superstar

One hundred young Indonesian beauties. Black shimmering hair, red dress and bare shoulders – all sitting nicely in a line. An hyper mini reveals pink panties, done nails are clicking the new age mobile phones. Just like a scene from a surrealistic movie – living dolls closed in a zebra patterned cubicle. One more beautiful than the other, the choice is yours.
On the other side of the tinted glass there are men peeping, they have to choose the desired ladies from the choice. Sometimes a client takes four girls at a time, sometimes they share two or three. One girl costs 70 000 rp ( ca 6 euros) an hour, three hours at least. In the menu they use LC for the ladies – Lady Escort.

A mister in white shirt leads us to the rooms. A cosy room with an AC and leather sofas costs 90 000 rp an hour, three hours at least. There’s also a mini bar. It’s also possible to rent bigger rooms with bigger sofas.

Meeting the clients’ wishes even more there’s a package menu:
- 1 bottle of spirits (Red Label/Smirnoff)
- 3 LC for three hours
- 1 beer mug
- 2 Mix Max (???)
- 1 fruit basket
- 1 nuts
Price 1. 650.00 rp
To make the thing visually even more tasty the last zero has been omitted – the real price is 1,6 million (150 euros).
It’s a karaoke bar of one of the most fancy clubs in town. Indonesia is not an exception when compared to other Asian countries, karaoke is extremely popular here, too. Even in Indonesian textbooks there are dialogues such as “what’s your hobby?” – “singing, I go to a karaoke bar on Tuesdays and Fridays”. And they really do it.
Presumably it could be seen as an aspect in which the mask-identity, so common to Javanes culture, is revealed. They like feeling like super stars who try to sing the music of their pop idols. And they like to feel like a Man, who despite of a big belly and/or small dick is surrounded by gorgeous half naked girls who all fancy and respect him, although even this is a part of the mask-identity. Luckily money makes all the little shortages go away.